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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Anders Frisk got off light

Another defeat away from home, and again it’s to those poor people who have to live in Southampton. The Pink Un, BBC and the Sunday Times all cover the game. I am sure more have or will, but I am going on holiday in ten minutes (Belgium if you are wondering, lovely little town called Dinant), so you'll have to do a google yourselves.

According to the Pink Un's report, Southampton won the game with a dubiously awarded penalty after the ball hit Flem on the arm – the kind of thing that players get away with 9 time out 10. Anyway. Greeno then saved the penalty (amazing in itself), but staggeringly, the referee – one Lee Probert – gave Soton a second change after infringement... by a Southampton player. You couldn’t make that up (and hopefully, the Pink Un didn’t). That the referee shouldn’t be penalising us for something the opposition did isn’t that hard to work out.

To be fair (which football fans should generally seek to avoid being), the Sunday Times (link above) fingers Andy Hughes for encroaching and Worthy is quoted on the club's website saying: “He said it was a case of encroachement for the re-take. If that’s the case then fair enough. But it shouldn’t have been a penalty in the first place.”

All the match reports seem to confirm my decision not to go to the game in the first place. Southampton is a pretty boring town, and their supporters are plain muppets. It has been pretty frustrating being an away supporter over the last five years, but this is a lean patch like no other. To make things worse, it looks like I won't be going to a game until Sept 18, and until then, I feel a bit on the sidelines.

For what it is worth (and I will stop saying that soon), this leaves us 20th in the second division, and me with a feeling not unlike this time last year.


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